Todos Santos

Todos Santos was a low point. I went there on a whim — as I’d originally planned on going to either Nebaj or Xela — and ended up having a terrible time. It was cold and foggy, it was in the middle of nowhere, and worst of all, I suffered a crippling sickness there. Bad food? The altitude perhaps?

In any event, I didn’t do any of the hiking as planned. I was too sick to hike.

My bad experience aside, Todos Santos is an interesting place well off the tourist trail. The trip there takes you through Huehuetenango, an uninviting transportation hub — a mess of a city that’s the last stop before the Mexican border — and then, best of all, takes you straight up the side of a giant plateau in the Cuchumatanes sierra.

The scenery is often breathtaking from this point onward, and while the road to Todos Santos is slow and bumpy, it’s captivating. For me, it was the best part of Todos Santos — the ride in and out, up and down the mountainside, with sheets of clouds and far-off volcano peaks in full view.

Todos Santos in the Fog at Dawn

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