Río Dulce

The highlight of our visit to the Río Dulce region was a trip out to an agua caliente (i.e., hot spring) on the north side of Lago de Izabal: Finca el Paraíso. I enjoyed the shuttle ride there as we passed by an hour’s worth of plantations, and the ride back was even more amusing as I rode on the top of the shuttle with a couple kids.

The boat ride down the river was also memorable, though the overcast sky left much to be desired. In fact, the weather was unfavorable throughout our visit to Río Dulce. It rained heavily.

Livingston, from which we began our visit, was unimpressive to me. I found it sketchy and ramshackle. We didn’t stick around there long. Stayed just a night — a rainy night — at Casa de la Iguana, something of a party hostel loaded full with backpackers, similar to La Iguana Perdida at Santa Cruz, Lago de Atitlán.

Instead, we found Nutria Marina, a classy eco-lodge tucked away between the bridge and the castle, and we chilled out there for a couple days before heading back to Antigua a day ahead of schedule. Really liked Nutria Marina.

Auga Caliente in Río Dulce Region

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