For Julia’s final week in Guatemala, we took off on a trip to Honduras in search of the Caribbean Sea and some islands. Halfway from Antigua to the Bay Islands of Honduras is Cópan, which is just across the border.

Cópan is sort of like the Antigua and Flores of Honduras wrapped into one package. Like both of those Guatemalan cities, Cópan is small, colonial, inviting, and touristic. It accommodates students, backpackers, sightseers, and run-of-the-mill tourists alike. There’s also an impressive site of ruins and lots of adventure services.

We stayed in a hotel a couple blocks off central park and had a great experience. The hotel couldn’t have been more accommodating. We enjoyed the city, which while small is laden with shops and restaurants.

The ruins are only a half-hour walk out of town, and they make for a great day trip. Bring your sunscreen. Very sunny, and much hotter than Antigua and the highlands of Guatemala.

Cópan Ruínas

View the Cópan gallery.


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