Earth Lodge

As I recount some of the highlights of my Central American travels the past few months, I want to start with Earth Lodge, a farm-hostel based in the mountains overlooking the valley of Antigua and the three volcanoes that tower over the city.

I stayed at Earth Lodge during my first week in Guatemala, after a few initial days at Lago de Atitlán and before I began my classes at Sevilla the following week.

While there’s not much to do up there at Earth Lodge, that’s more or less the point — to chill out for a while in a remote location with an amazing vista that changes by the hour.

There are several cabinas, including a couple treehouses, and there’s also a restaurant/bar area with computer and music. The food is great and the drinks include a homemade sangaria.

I spent a lot of my time at Earth Lodge reading during the daylight hours and socializing at night. Also watched a couple DVDs in the TV room, including The Big Lebowski with Spanish subtitles.

View the entire Earth Lodge gallery.


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