Finally, the end of the road for me here in Central America.

Called home yesterday and talked to my parents. Let them know when to expect me home and also informed them of the latest news.

Two weeks till I fly home to Michigan for Christmas. I arrive at night, a couple days before Christmas. Flying into Detroit. Need to rent a car.

In the final days of my trip to Guatemala, I’m staying here in Antigua. Paying $75 a week to live in the home of a shop owner. She cooks my meals, does my laundry, and leaves after dinner. After dark, the house is mine alone.

During the daylight hours, I spend my time in one of a few different Internet lounges. So far this week, I’ve been catching up with the news, responding to a backlog of email, and getting back to work on my writing jobs. Listening to a lot of Ricardo Arjona, a Guatemalan singer/songwriter whom I’ve been researching and writing about.

I’ve also been reflecting on the past three months here in Guatemala. I left home in September, after selling my car and vacating my apartment, and I’m about to return home for Christmas.

Then I fly to Paris for New Year’s, followed by a stay in Bordeaux, a city on the Atlantic Coast in the south of France that is famous for its wines. Bought the plane ticket yesterday.

View the entire Antigua gallery.


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