Off the Road

After a month of traveling throughout Guatemala and the neighboring countries of Belize and Honduras, I´m back home in Antigua for two weeks.

It feels great to be back home. I´m road-weary and looking forward to a couple weeks of rest. I´m also looking forward to a couple weeks of reliable high-speed Internet connectivity.

On December 22, I´ll be flying home to Michigan for Christmas. I´m looking forward to visiting my family and friends. It´ll be nice to speak English for a while after three months of Spanish.

It´ll also be nice to chill out on the couch and enjoy some football, especially the BCS championship game between the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners. Both teams had big wins this past weekend and are the top-ranked teams in college football.

The game will highlight the two leading candidates for this year´s Heisman Trophy: Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford and Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

Unfortunately, my team won´t be playing in a bowl game this year for the first time in decades. I´m still sore about this past season.


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