Today I’m leaving Antigua after a month-long stay at Sevilla Academia de Español. My stay was wonderful, so much so it’s sad to leave. Not only did I improve my Spanish; I met some great people from all over the world. In fact, I’d say the social experience was just as worthwhile as the learning experience.

We studied together. We ate together. We drank together. We danced together. We had a lot of good times together.

In a way, though, it’s going to be easy to leave because most of those to whom I grew closest have already left. Few students stay as long as I have. Most leave after a week, maybe two. Every weekend there’s a going-away party for someone. It’s sad to say goodbye sometimes.

Often Antigua is someplace to learn some basic Spanish before heading off on the backpacker trail down to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and beyond. And so we say goodbye with a late-night party, friend each other on Facebook, and keep tabs on our whereabouts as we keep traveling, whether further south or back to our homelands.

Some photos of the school itself.

Some photos of the house where I stayed for the past month.

Las chicas, Ana and Cristy, cook our meals, clean the house, and speak to us in Spanish. They’re sisters, age 22 and 19, and they’re simply the best. Not only are they kind and good-hearted, but they’re a lot of fun, always joking around and eager to talk. I’m especially going to miss them.

Some of my best friends at the school.


Me, happy to have been there.


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