Lago de Atitlán, Pt. 9: Reserva Natural Atitlán

As our weekend at Lago de Atitlán neared its conclusion, we returned to Panajanchel, the transportation gateway, where we booked a shuttle van for the return trip to Antigua.

After restraining herself from photographing the villagers all weekend, Julia took a couple quick photos among the chaos of the dock area in Panajanchel.

While we waited for our 4:00 p.m. departure time, we visited the nearby nature reserve: Reserva Natural Atitlán. It was only a five-minute tuk-tuk ride out of town and was well worth the visit. In particular, I was overjoyed to spot a lively pair of spider monkeys.

We also encountered a pack of coatis. Never in my life had I seen a coati (i.e., a member of the raccoon family), so that was exciting too. I was surprised at how friendly they were; in fact, they approached us so quickly and closely, for a sudden moment I thought we were being attacked!

Another highlight of the reserve was the waterfall and the series of chain-link bridges that extended over the river.

With plenty of time to kill, we also goofed around.


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