Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala, Pt. 6: San Marcos

Besides San Pedro, we also visited the village of San Marcos. Though it proved uneventful, San Marcos was a good place to chill out on the dock, where we had to wait for an hour or so for a lancha. The dock was a good place to chill out because it boasted an incredible view of the volcanoes.

We met an Irish girl there who is volunteering at a school in the village. It was nice to speak English for a change (as I have to speak speak Spanish with Julia, who is English-challenged); we talked a lot about the election, as she was very concerned about whether or not Obama was going to win.

In San Marcos we also met an American family from Vermont who is living there for seven months. The wife of the family is volunteering at the school, her three kids are going to be attending the school as well (learning Spanish in the process), and the husband…well, he hadn’t arrived yet, but the lady said that he’d find something to do, volunteering most likely.

I found their situation curious. Bringing your kids to a tiny village in Guatemala for seven months? She said that before they had kids, she and her husband had done a lot of backpacking and had enjoyed it. But they had to give up the lifestyle once they began having children. Until now, that is, as she felt that a half-year of volunteering at a school in Guatemala was a good way to travel cheaply with her family. She had just arrived as we spoke: about a dozen suitcases were lying in the midst of the village center beside her and her kids, who were running around with a soccer ball.

More photos from San Marcos, as we had lots of time to kill there on that dock.

And finally, a lancha…that didn’t leave for another half-hour. So more waiting around, getting sunburned.


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