Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala, Pt. 4: San Pedro by Night

Nightfall is always an exciting time at the lake. As the sun sets, the clouds begin to glow, the sky turns crazy colors, and the water reflects whatever light remains. Then, once night falls, the (few) lights of the villages on the opposite side of the lake show up, along with some stars if it’s a clear night.

The advantage of staying in San Pedro is that it’s the only village with nightlife. The first night there, we hung out at El Jardin, a French restaurant where we ate a four-cheese pizza, drank cocktails, and enjoyed a Cuban band.

The second night in San Pedro, we hung out at The Buddha, where we ate Thai curry (me) and a hummus sandwich (Julia), and drank bloody buddhas (again, good and spicy). The night took a weird turn, though, when Julia became convinced that the bartender was a neo-Nazi. So we left earlier than I would have liked.

No problem, though: back at the hotel, there was a screening of El Orfanato, a Spanish horror film from 2007 that I’d previously seen in the theaters (released in English as The Orphanage) and had enjoyed greatly. Projected on a big screen and bolstered with surround sound, the movie was a hit with the six or seven of us assembled at the hotel. People — including myself, despite having already seen the film once — jumped from their chairs several times.


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